Production Possible:

We can manufacture Cotton, Polyester, Linen, Acrylic and Voile as Solids, Stripes, Checks, Semi Jacquard (Dobby) and Jacquard Designs. We have facilities to manufacture Yarn dyed, Piece / Jigger Dyed and printed products in Handloom, Power loom (Semi Automatic), Auto Looms and Rapier looms. We also do the finishes such as Embroidery, Fringes, Quilting, Patchwork, Frame attachment, Tassels and Beads work on all products. 

Product Ranges:

1.Furnishing and upholstery fabrics. 
2.Bed Linens such as Bed Spreads, Quilted sheets, Pillow covers, Cushion covers, Noren, Café curtain, window curtains etc. 
3.Kitchen Linens such as Kitchen/Tea Towel, Apron, Mitten, Pot Holders, Dish cloth, Shopping Bag, Laundry bags etc. 
4.Living Linens such as Sofa Cover, Sofa throws, Multi covers, Free cloth, Chair pads, Chair cover, Floor / Field cushions etc.
5.Table Linens such as Table cloth, Table (Place/Luncheon) mat, Tea mat, coasters, Tea cozy, Napkin, Table runners, Bread baskets etc. 
6.Leisure Products – Hammocks
Cotton & Spinning:

Pure Virgin cotton can be purchased every cropped season. Securing of yarn is Purely based upon pre-inspection Quality Standards.

Quality yarn purchased from Mills / Dealers. We provide high quality yarns both form of Hank yarn, Cone / Cheese yarn distributing to dyeing and also weaving for Handloom / power loom weavers. We calculate & using Yarn number system.
Cotton : Ne, NF, system (counts = s) 
Polyester : Denier system
Counts : 0s,1/2s,1s,2s,4s,6s,10s,12s,14s, 16s, 20s,30s,40s,60s,80s, 100s, 2/4s, 2/6s, 2/10s, 2/20s, 2/30s 2/40s,2/60s, 2/80s, 2/100s.
Dyeing / Coloring :

Dyeing process is met through local dyeing units and it is done manually / mechanically according to the dyeing standard prescribed by our buyers. The dyes used are Vat, Reactive and AZO-free dyes which aims at excellent color fastness. Dyeing Process is done within a temperature of 40 to 60 degree.